Thursday, 12 February 2015

Moscow is a city of great opportunity. So here goes a lot of girls in the hope of finding a Prince. They'll look around and calm down. Well at least the decent work to find. Or married exit time. If not, you have all chances to fill up a huge army of workers of the sex industry.
If the score in a search engine query "prostitutes of Moscow", it immediately appear  a lot of sites with a variety of price offers. The feeling that they don't work in the Russian capital, but somewhere in Amsterdam in the Red light district. And there are almost no surprise announcements like: "Our customers for 20 years, offers the largest and most honest choice prostitutes of Moscow". So do not be surprised that when I arrived in the capital,...but in general, what happened, I'll tell you in this story

 I studied at the University of Moscow and often participated in various beauty contests, because I am a girl slim, tall and pretty. My family is not rich, so I had no choice but to learn to survive one. From 10th grade I was already living with a guy, then another, then a third. In 18 years I already had a lover, influential people. He was older than me 34 years. He sponsored me, even gave the car.
In model Agency, in addition to the competitions, often spent casting. Once I was offered to do a photoshoot in the UAE. At 18 the word "casting" sounds very tempting. It is true that you will then know later. And here in the  underwear shoot me, shoot, and after announcing the results - who flies for a week in paid Christmas vacation to the sea. Of course I was chosen.

When I arrived at the Emirates from me and the other girls took the documents and forced to donate blood. We were forced into prostitution. Every night we smartly dressed and went to the party. And there was the casting. We were selected clients at night.
 If there was a simple Arab, paid $ 600 per night. If the Sheikh of the Emirate, is $ 800. In the end, each girl had to give to the Director of his Agency's $ 300 at the end of the trip. Clients I've had a lot of money and I earned too much. When the time came to return home, I was given the passport. This was my first trip abroad. I came back tanned, with new shoes, Dior glasses and a pile of cash. What else do you need for "happiness" eighteen-year-old student?

When I returned to Moscow, of course I didn't go to work by seller or repetitors. I got a job in a large and reputable Moscow escort agency and fat to continue working as a call girl. And that, it's a good addition to scholarships)))

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